misheymo (misheymo) wrote,

problems with my skirt

went through all my clothes today, got rid of about half my shirts. can't find my long black a-line skirt. this is driving me crazy! dump out all the give away clothes and nit pick through them. nothing. eat half a bag of popcorn and an orange. take my second hour long walk of the day. fill up bottle with ice at the gas station (4th bottle). trying to avoid a cigarette. its my third day. again. so i'm really trying to be good. my first 2 days were just like 'wow, i don't want to smoke' not an intentional thing. today, not so much. but if i had the skirt i wouldn't want to eat and if i didn't eat i wouldn't need to smoke and if i wasn't eating and smoking i wouldn't have to keep walking all day and drowning myself in water to not smoke.

this ocd shit is serious business. but at least i think i have it figured out a little. jack rented me "ocd: a book for the newly diagnosed"
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