misheymo (misheymo) wrote,


i have gall stones. couple of flare ups but no big deal yet.

i also have some permanent eye damage making everything harder to see and read. optic neuritis, retro bulbar optic neuritis, lazy eye, double vision-- no wonder i thought i was hallucinating after getting sober. i just have issues with what i see.

been reading and watching twilight series. love them but wouldn't recommend them to girls with low self esteem.

going to a baby shower today. instead of cards they asked for books. can do! still have a few books i'm not getting rid of but had plenty to go. and some book marks too.

made a great dish yesterday. lentils, rice, ground turkey, veg stock, carrots, cabbage and onions. and some spices. should have salted it better. i love my crock pot.

mostly on face book these days. feel like following me? i'll give you my name.
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